Hi, Iam Santosh

I possess a diverse range of expertise in Applied AI, spanning across captivating fields such as chatbot, robotics, and augmented reality. Complementing these skills, I bring to the table a comprehensive background as a Full-stack engineer.


Currently Busy In :

  • स्थानीय तह Chatbot Conversational AI

    Mission : Enhance Governement Service Delivery
    Purposed Solution : A consultation chatbot that understands Nepali, Romanized ,and English. People can consult the chatbot before going to localbodies for work, ensuring a smooth government experience.

  • Drone Computer Vision for Nepal Computer Vision

    Mission : Disaster Management (Purposed)
    Purposed Solution : Still brainstroming . . . . . . .

  • Past Key Works :

    1. Diyochat SaaS Web Application

      Mission : Enhance Social Media Customer Support Experience
      Purposed Solution : Omni Channel Inbox with Team management and Reports

    2. Absolute Localization Computer Vision Augmented Reality

      Mission : Persistance Augmented Reality
      Purposed Solution : SaaS based localization web service

    3. Jewelry Augmented Reality Computer Vision Augmented Reality

      Mission : Enhance Online Shoping Experience for Jewelry
      Purposed Solution : Virtual Jewellery (Necklace, Earring ) Tryon that can be Embeeded in websites.

    4. Autonomous Robot Navigation using monocular Images Computer Vision Robotics

      Mission : Low Cost Navigation System for Robot that can be taught in college and university
      Purposed Solution : Localization System which only need monocular images , Images can be from mobile phone, low cost camera.

    5. IOT Server for agriculture data collection IOT Embeeded System

      Mission : Precision Agriculture Implementation
      Purposed Solution : Low cost IOT based sensor device that can measure temperature , humidity and PH level.

    6. Tracker Education Program Design Robotics

      Mission : Shaping next generation of Robot Enthusiasts
      Purposed Solution : This program consists of Project based compedition focused for the robotics outreach programs.

      Visit Website
    7. E-Blood Mobile Application

      Mission : No one should lose their life because of a blood shortage
      Pursposed Solution: The android application that provides blood group information of all people in contact list for emergency access.

    8. Surveychan SaaS Web Application

      Mission: Go Green , Journey to Paperless
      Purposed Solution : The project was Offline Survey Application both on mobile and web browser.

    9. IOE Online Entrance Exam Portal Web Application

      Mission: Prepare for entrance examination form anywhere , anytime
      Purposed Solution : Web based Entrance examination study and test.

      Live Demo (user: santosh, Pass: dahal)

    Technology I have already work on:

    #python #django #fast-api #flask #rails #laravel #kotlin #JavaScript #Vue #React #Redux #Next.js #Node #TailwindCSS #HTML #postgres #pytorch #CNN #googlenet #resnet #orbslam #visual odometry