# What is Image

A image is a picture that is stored on a computer. It has been digitised, which means it has been changed into a sequence of numbers that computers can understand.

# Color Spaces

# RGB Color Space

# HSV (Hue Saturation and Value) Color Space

This separate color and the brightness in the image as the separate component.They are highly useful for the color detection with various shadow and brightness

Unlike RGB which is defined in relation to primary colors, HSV is defined in a way that is similar to how humans perceive color.

The HSV color space represents colors using three values

  1. Hue : This channel encodes color color information. Hue can be thought of an angle where 0 degree corresponds to the red color, 120 degrees corresponds to the green color, and 240 degrees corresponds to the blue color.

  2. Saturation : This channel encodes the intensity/purity of color. For example, pink is less saturated than red.

  3. Value : This channel encodes the brightness of color. Shading and gloss components of an image appear in this channel.