# Intelligence Robot Laboratory

Robotics Boot Camp is the course designed by the Intelligence Robot Laboratory (purposed) formed by the member of robotics club of western regional campus.

Intelligence Robot Laboratory aims for research, development and use of intelligence robot with in our country for the 21 st century.

In order to meet this aim we must have to work from ground stage in the present stage of country.

# 1) Research:

We are mainly focus on developing algorithms used for mobile intelligence robot for autonomous

# 2) Develop:

Apply the acquired knowledge to build working model

# 3) Teach:

We want students to develop the interest into future technologies and to put them into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools. We engage students as the part of our initiative in various ways in the form of student ambassadors, volunteers and project team members to help them enhance their skill set to create a better tomorrow.

# 4) Use:

If we want to take it sustainable, we must also think as commercial mindset. We must put these robot in commercial uses.

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✓ Students should have the opportunity to actively practice and develop their technical skills in schools and colleges.

✓ It is important that leading edge technology tools are integrated with the conventional academics’ structure in their institutions.

✓ Theoretical knowledge given in the classroom works best when it combines with practicality and we do this for you.