# Koshi Robotics Boot Camp

Theoretical Knowledge given in classroom works best when it is combine with practically.

Robotic Boot camp is going to be held at Koshi St. James college in between Dashain and Tihar .Utilize this holiday with robot by getting enrolled in boot camp


  1. Student will get career counseling, what after +2 and whether they are for engineering or not?
  2. Student will be learning about robotics, it’s scope and way of getting into it.
  3. Student will be prepared for foundation required for programming (C language)
  4. How do you customize micro-controllers (hardware) with your own programs
  5. How to use various electronic components required for robotics and how to use the Arduino controller to control or communicate with those components
  6. How to build and program manual control robot using a micro-controller
  7. Student will take part in robotics competitions.


# Introduction and Basic (Increase your knowledge horizon):

# Topics Covered

  1. Career Counseling
  2. Motivation
  3. Robotics Introduction
  4. Software installation
  5. Various electronics component intro and building kit

# Task for student

Student must submit their learning report through online form

# Day Required: 1-2

# Programming and Microcontroller Foundation (Instruct hardware what you want):

Depending on the number of students we will divide them into groups. All students start with a simple Blink program then harder challenges are given to students to accomplish throughout the workshop.

# Topic Covered:

  1. Program structure
  2. Arduino introduction and pin description
  3. Compile and Download a program to microcontroller
  4. Input output operation
  5. Breadboard and Circuit diagram how to read them
  6. analogWrite command using the potentiometer.

# Task for student:

Student will be given various challenge both in hardware and software level.

Challenge #1: Control the blinking (software hack)

Challenge #2: Control multiple led (hardware hack)

Challenge #3: Control speed of two led differently (software hack)

Challenge #4: Use multiple color led and create rainbow effect (software hack)

students do some research on different uses of the Arduino microcontroller online and see if they can design their own circuit and program or re-create and modify and project from an online source.

# Day Required: 2-3

# MOTOR Interfacing (Move around)

# Topic Covered:

  1. Motor
  2. Motor Driver
  3. Differential Drive
  4. Power

# Day Required: 1

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# Bluetooth interfacing (Communicate with your robot)

# Topic Covered:

  1. Communication Protocol
  2. Hc-05 interfacing

# Day Required: 1

# Competition (Show what you have learn)

Student will be given 3-4 day to build their robot under the guidance of mentor. They have to race their robot through arena structured as Terai , Himal , Mountain completing various task. The rule and specification will be provided at the end of training