I got my first chance as a robotics trainer on Rainy Season ran by robotics club of Western Regional Campus

Main aim of this training was to buildup robotics knowledge among student and encourage them to involve in technical activities . Another main goal was to generate capable student who can lead the club in future days.

In overall it's not just teaching facts but it's the mental re-engineering . We all know how generally Nepalese student select engineering fields and how they choose different faculty . As we are outer Kathmandu valley and main concern faculty for robotics are electronics , mechanical , electrical and computer . These student are medium competitor and main things is their thinking .Up to high level education , these student had not been exposed to technical environment and this same level bring them to engineering sector .

Main reason for this may be our society status or +2 college psychology , although recent days robotics activities has been increased centered inside Kathmandu valley but college do not take these activities as basic requirement but they kept them under extracurricular activities .

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As being one of the best club inside college , we have the responsibilities to overcome these problems . We were mainly focusing trainee from First year . It had been six month (i.e already in second semester) they have joined campus.They have already been expose to other trainings organize by other club and organizations.They have been already psychology effected about the standard of training that were being held inside campus. Under the circumstances, it was duty for us to show us different from them and stood as best usual.

Our club had trends of a week of training for students yearly , I had taken one myself and involved as volunteer in one training . We were teaching facts , recent technology but we were not capable of generating capable student who can lead the club in future days and technical environment in college . This was eradicating our the club foundations .

So , we change the concept of training into season , which was a three-month long ended with two day competition among the participant . This gives enough time to build strong relation between club and new year student , mentally re-engineer them and judge student thinking and capacity .

# Starting with motivation :

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” ~ Jim Rohn

we conducted almost three seminar for motivation , basic robotics , recent development in robotics and status of robotics inside college involving them-self into it . This gives us vision of centered cluster among faculty and leadership among them.During these seminar we have already built close relation with student who had already in robotics and have done project during their school level.These student have been best supportive during season for creating creative environment among student .

# Build habit :

Call for training for Regular basic and give them tasks

# Create competition among them

This does not only create working environment , after training I have notice those who had not attend season regrets by looking their friends building robot and coding and posting them in the Facebook

Although i missed most of the class for this season and did not gave enough time for job , I am ready for the result . It was the most valuable experience in my entire life where I got chance to be example person for many people and increased my knowledge and relationship horizon