I do not get chance regularly to travel places although I am living in Pokhara , I am too busy trying to get into study , job and technology.But I seldom get chance to travel to relative in Beni.

It all start from Pokhara with old bus carrying more than it's capacity , you may not get seat even you have got ticket.Make yourself prepare to stand if you have got front seat , you will notice old people and women with her baby .

At the time of travelling , highway was being upgraded . You will get real taste after you cross Ghatte Khola : straight to curly roads , pain to inclined , pollution to freshness .

If you are lucky and travelling alone , you may be get company by people travelling to their home from Pokhara or other city who had came for various tasks.Now discussion start all those livelihood topic :food , relationship and their daily tasks . If you even closer , they may also include their love life . I'm not familiar with society rituals and trends so, only from my side during discussion is "Sahi ho , ho raw , ho hai".

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If I didn't include the part from "MAlDHUNGA to BENI" , this blog would not get completed . I usually get in into bus at 2pm from Pokhara , when i get into this part it's already 5-6pm . The combo of evening , bank of Kaligandaki river and nature gives you the nostalgic feeling.

It's all about the travel , now let tell you how i get the meaning . I have already travel 6-7 time before i get meaning . I have travel many time through the Beni bazar but i didn't get so special . Before travel time used to be 1-2 day but this time I had 11 days stay in Beni . So , what i got was to travel to top of lovely hill . What you got at the top is interesting , blow of air , people hair in perpendicular position and the complete view of Beni bazar .

This city (the gateway to go to Mustang) was not less beautiful than top city of world surrounded by the stiff mountain and these stiff mountain covered by village . Located at the confluence of the Kali Gandaki River and Myagdi River at an altitude of 899 meters. These all things made me remember the song "BENI KO BAZAR"