# Robotics Boot-camp 01
Take control over machine

Robotics is in verge of rapid development. Self driving cars produced by Tesla Corporation are navigating the cities autonomously while the driver stays on seat, ‘just for legal reasons’. Robots are being used as medical assistants to assist the surgeon in operation theaters, and as waiters in restaurant. Needless to say, almost all production lines in heavyweight companies are already automatized. Nano-bots are being developed in research labs to dive into human body and everything else. We would like to learn more about them, don’t we?

But these machine have been always mysterious to us. Don't worry , before robots will be living among us in our lifetime And truly taking over the world , we have developed a bootcamp series for you ...

# Why this Bootcamp ?

Our mission is to Demystify this complex technology and make them accessible to every learner of any age group with any level of knowledge . We do not focus making every people robot builder but we believe that every people must be aware of this emerging technology , whether by controlling them or build them . Mankind must be able to multiply their ability by using robots in their works .

Teacher must be able to teach practically with the help of robots in classroom . Cook chef must be able to commands robot to cut vegetable in standard size and monitor the heating . Robot on the airport must able to greet tourist and make feel them comfortable .

Consider it as Baby step in robotics. We focus in robot development process


Our first attempt will be to bring robot inside people comfort zone , by controlling them .

Controlling medium vary according to the background of learning persons . We focus on visual programming such as scratch for kids who do not have programming skill .

As we keep on telling we don’t want to train them as professional robot builder (I mean, not all of them), we just want them to become robot-aware-human-beings. Everyone now agrees that every child should know the basics of coding and robotics.

There are motors, there are sensors, there is computer and interacting all these together is quite challenging crossing many disciplines .

We focus on teaching each .. one discipline at a time , after they become comfortable in simpler skill (Simpler to complex)

हाम्रो शिक्षाले लाखौ माइल टाढा रहेको चन्द्रमा , Pluto लाई जोडि सक्यो तर हाम्रै घरका ढिकी जाँतोलाई किन जोड्न सकेन ?

We believe if course developed at some prestigious university could not connect with our culture , it is of no use . If you wanna technological development then 1st understand yourself where are you and then start from there.

# Achievements

  1. Career in Robotics

  2. Indepth knowledge of robot programming

  3. Develop Bang Bang Control and PID Control Algoritms

  4. Run robot in simulation environment

  5. Test your code in real model

  6. Competition based on the line following algorithm

# Requirements

  1. Trainee must have their own laptop

  2. An Empty Mind