# Web developer

DreamSYS IT Solution Pvt. Ltd 2016 October – Up to

  • Developed up to 10 applications projects per year
  • Worked in cooperation with designer teams and other developer
  • Participated in project meetings , with technical staff members, business analysts, and external stakeholders.
  • Designed project requirements in cooperation with Managerial teams
  • Build Solid skill in recent popular framework like laravel , Vue js
  • Strong Git version control experience
  • High level of understanding of relational databases and business logic implementation
  • Experience designing, implementing and consuming REST APIs
  • Experience with Multiple Role based system
  • Experience with Ubuntu Linux
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PHP , Laravel , Vue js and have solid understanding of Javascript , jquery, HTML , CSS . Developed multiple websites in accordance with modern trends and industry standards.

You can also contact me for the IOT based projects . Get look my profile of Embedded System Designer

Major Projects:

Online Entrance Preparation
Blood in Emergency
Employee Management System
Event Management System
Tourist Tracking System

Key achievement: Developed own php framework that focus on implementing the core of popular framework like laravel.