This project was done for DreamSYS IT Solution Pvt.


E-commerce business is ruling the world in the current trend.

In global market sense, the appearance of E-commerce as a pioneer has opened up various windows of opportunities for a variety of other companies and investors.

Technology Used

Laravel , Vue js

New Learning or Experience

  • Customizable Authentication System Developed
  • Developed Vue js Template
  • Learn to Create Drop-Down interface
  • Experience with Database design required for E-commerece website
  • Gain knowledge of element of e-commerce system


1. Customer Based

1. Customer Login system with facebook and google

Login your customer with one click.

2. One page App : Rocket Speed loading

Use Vue js for forntend enabling you fastest load


2. Admin Based

1. Advance User Management System

  • User verification feature
  • User Enable and Disable feature
  • User Search Feature

2. Categories

  • Search and sort to easily find categories
  • Manage categories and sub-categories
  • Feature categories on the homepage
  • Set page URL's and SEO elements for categories
  • Manage categories thumbnails and images

3. Brands

  • Manage brands

4. Products

  • Search and sort to easily find products
  • Easily manage and edit products
  • Product fields include name, SKU, product description,list price, your price, stock
  • Add and manage main product image and additional product images

  • Add products to a single category or multiple categories
  • Select product brand

5. Blogs

6. Homepage Slider

  • Manage homepage Slider
  • Set banner sort orders
  • Set banner URL or leave unlinked

7. Navigation

  • Manage your main navigations including header, side
  • Add drop down to main navigation

8. Auto Email Messages

9. Review Management

10. Comment Management

11. Order Management

  • Search and sort to easily find orders by specific variables
  • Manage and updated order status
  • Add private notes to the order

12. Discount & Promotion Management

13. Dashboard Reporting

14. Search Engine Optimization Management

15. Settings

16. Stock management system

  • Powerful automatic stock management system

17. Accountant package

  • Track your progress and manages account
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